Low Fi – Low Res – Cuba – In Search of Hemingway – Jago Film

lost elation

Nobody likes a slick operation, especially lit fiends, what we like is stuff that’s a little edgy, a little rough around the edges, we’re talking low fi low res. Slick equals cheese on toast.

And so here is some shaky footage of me reading from, Cuba – In Search of Hemingway. Note to fiends and wannabe writers, actors etc – check out the perfect pronounciation – fucking seamless. Lawrence Olivier eat ya heart out.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy of this delightful underground production then contact the publisher at:


Or if you fancy yourself as a high roller then contact me at the contacts page of this website. I have five signed copies available for purchase at the princely sum of £20 each.

This hand sewn book is beautifully crafted and comes with a small letter pressed broadside of three of my long lost beach poems…

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