50 Paintings of Eigg Series No. 35

Rose Strang Artworks

Eigg Series No. 35. Acrylic, medium and salt on 5x5" wood Eigg Series No. 35. Acrylic, medium and salt on 5×5″ wood


Today’s painting, a simple sea-scape and experiment with textures – lots of medium, glue, salt and acrylic.

(The blog is still giving me problems, but only wordpress is affected, so I hope to have everything sorted by the end of tomorrow).

I said I’d opine on yesterday’s play ‘Banksy the Room in the Elephant’. I can’t give a full review though because I walked out after 15 minutes. It’s a bit like people who get worried that they’ll die on a plane because statistically it’s more likely if they fly a lot, I’ve seen too many bad plays and one of these days I may keel over suddenly with boredom, what a way to go!

Suffice to say I highly recommend you avoid this play; An insufferably badly written, badly acted self indulgent monologue. What’s worse is that I…

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