Gather round youi sordid lit fiends! Here is the news.

lost elation


Gather round all you sordid lit fiends – be you in the pub – the strip club – the lingerie department of your nearest BHS – stop all that sleazy shit at once – put your ears on and listen in:

PUSH 11 has now hit the streets and verily it is a scorcher – ideal to read late at night in bed when your partner wants to go to sleep. When he or she complains about the little light being left on – you – being a free-thinking individual – merely hold up the copy of PUSH 11 and say in doleful tones – Do you really want to contribute to the decline of Western civilisation or do you want me to carry on reading? Then tell the droopy-eyed philistine to put that in their pipe and smoke it!

Now, fiends I know what you’re thinking because I can read…

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