A reply on the SNP piece

Glasgow Anarchist Federation

So the recent piece on the SNP has had some chat on various social media, and one point to come up  was the main narrative from the SNP from here-on-in won’t be one of seeking independence directly, but awaiting a crisis that they can take advantage of to reach their goal. Another of out members replied and we thought it would be good to post here both to get their response and to show how views differer even within the group:


Constitutional tensions will necessarily mount on both sides of the border, while the SNP will be more than happy to play the rhetorical oppositional that labour abandoned. Meanwhile, even as Scotland isn’t a social democratic paradise, the marked differences in how services are run, or more likely talked about (rhetoric again), will prove to accentuate the minor differences that – to those fully enmeshed within electoralism or who aren’t engaged with…

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