Anti Literary Revolt – Lit Fiend Mail Continued

lost elation

Lit Fiends – the time for action is NOW! No longer can you sit in your woodlice infested bedsits, light up a twenty-skin apple bong – and murmur that everything is alright with the world. It’s time for a revolution you bunch of lovely low-life scum. Get with it and get on it. I can’t join in as I’m above all that shit, but you freaks need to get moving. The establishment – the powers that be are trying to twist your melons and you – as free thinking individuals – can in no way let the fuck ups get away with it.

It takes me a while to get on an action tip these days, but when I do – god help them…

Anyway, I digress. What this post is really about is – Ridgwell Stories – the publication of which by New Yorks Bottle of Smoke Press –…

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